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Jul 27, 2023

Best fake tan brushes for easy application tried and tested

Buff your way to a natural-looking glow hen applying fake tan, regular disciples know that you must abide by a three-step process. For a natural, flawless-looking finish, prep is key. This is of equal

Buff your way to a natural-looking glow

hen applying fake tan, regular disciples know that you must abide by a three-step process.

For a natural, flawless-looking finish, prep is key. This is of equal importance to actually applying the product, giving the skin a head-to-toe blank canvas to prevent the formula from looking patchy. This first step should include exfoliation to remove old tan and dead skin cells - and should be done the day before. Face and body scrubs will not only make the product apply more seamlessly, but should give your tan longevity too.

The second stage of the ultimate tanning routine is the application of the tan itself. This should never involve your bare hands. The area between your fingers is particularly dry and as fake tan has a way of settling into parched skin, it leaves a streaky, uneven and with a telltale finish on your digits.

Remove this from the equation by employing a tool to do the grunt work. A mitt may already play a starring role in your tanning, but we’re here to make a convicing case for the fake tan brush that is recommended by the tanning experts to use in tandem with or instead of these gloves.

Tan-Luxe founder and CEO, Marc Elrick recommends using “a kabuki or blending brush on the areas where your skin is really dry (hands, knees, elbow, feet)” to make the product sit more naturally. Meanwhile Michaella Bolder, celebrity facialist and St. Tropez Tanning and Skincare Expert shares that if you’re looking to use tan for longer-lasting contouring - whether that’s on the face or body - then a brush will be your best friend, “with a brush or a tanning mitt folded in half, gently dab the skin, spreading an extra boost of colour into the muscle tone of the face and body. Natural shadow areas to contour include the collarbone, abs and sides of the waist, upper arms, outer thighs and cheek bones, resulting in effortless definition”.

Last but absolutely not least, moisturiser should be the cherry on top of your bronzed cake to bring out the tan and prevent fading. Look out for oil-free formulas and incorporate the brush once again to blend in problematic areas like the face, hands and neck.

Brushes work particularly well with tanning water or mist textures where you buff out the spray finish for an airbrushed look, but you can really use them with any type, from mousse to drops to gradual creams. There are larger sizes made for the whole body as well as minis for just the face and odd areas. They typically are made up super soft bristles with ergonomic handles to make the tanning process a breeze - you may even find you prefer them to your typical foundation brush. Rinse with warm water after use to clean.

Shop the best tanning brushes below

The soft bristles of this brush will step your tanning experience up a few notches. There are two sizes available; one for face (pictured) and one for the body. For the latter, while it is more time consuming than using a mitt, it can be used all over to buff in the fake tan product to give a more natural finish.

In both models, the seperate handle makes sure your fingers don’t suffer from telltale tanning streakiness. They’re both vegan and have been created to adapt to the contours of their respective areas.

You can apply your favourite fake tan directly onto your skin and then use this long-bristle kabuki brush to blend it out. It comes from faux glow expert Isle of Paradise and is vegan and cruelty-free.

The larger shape makes light work of smoothing in the bronzed tinted formulas to the face and body with streak-free glory, while the bristles are kind on the skin. Clean with soapy water and the quick-drying design will ensure it is ready to go for next time in short order.

From its rose gold handle, to its functional flair, this is a brush that will bring a touch of glamour to the not-so glam task of fake tanning. It is also vegan and cruelty free where the densely packed bristles aren’t designed specifically for bronzing but do a great job in blending out the product anyway without absorbing most of the formula (as tends to happen with a mitt).

For those last minute tanning touch-ups, this body brush will help you create a professional spray tan finish by smoothing out the colour and minimising the possibility of patches. Use on the face, body, neck, hands and feet where the handle is easy to hold and the bristles blend well.

More akin to a makeup brush in its construction, you may just find that this design is easier to hold if you’re looking for a speedy, seamless process. While it is too compact to be used as the sole tanning tool, it’s great for touch-ups at the elbows, hands and feet whether you’re looking to blend out your favourite mousse, creams or spray textures.

In August 2022, Amanda Harrington announced that she was closing down her eponymous brand, but you can still get hold of some of the hero items like this beloved The Face Buffer Brush - just hurry to avoid disappointment.

Kiss goodbye to streaks with this secret weapon for natural sun-kissed skin. The kabuki brush has a lovely super soft skin feel and can blend out any texture. The bristles are natural and so should provide longevity for many tans to come.

Bondi Sands has designed this brush in such a way that it adapts to the contours of the body, creating a flawless looking tan as it blends out your gradual tanners, mousse or water textures.

The curved head is set alongside an ergonomically shaped handle where these two elements work together to give a professional feel to your tanning experience - and make sure there is no more tan hands.

Leave it to the experts at Bali Body to give you an all-over streak-free tan. Just incorporate this brush as part of your regular glow-giving fake tanning session to buff out tan and remove residue. The bristles are vegan and easy to clean with warm water.