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Aug 10, 2023

15 Best Metatarsal Foot Pads for Everyday Comfort

These pairs of shoes, boots, sneakers, and heels are made for so much more than just walking, and you will do it all too, if it was not for the pain and discomfort. So, maybe, it's time that one of

These pairs of shoes, boots, sneakers, and heels are made for so much more than just walking, and you will do it all too, if it was not for the pain and discomfort. So, maybe, it's time that one of these days, you should get your hands on the best metatarsal foot pads and walk all over your feet woes.

Metatarsal foot pads are specialized cushioned devices inserted in the shoe to provide support and bring relief from pain, the pressure of body weight, and discomfort to the metatarsal region of the foot. This region is located in the middle of the foot and contains metatarsal bones which extend from the arch to the toes. It is often plagued with conditions, including metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, bursitis of the feet, and rheumatoid arthritis, among others which can cause pain, discomfort, plantar pressures, and sometimes even inflammation. And, if we are to believe the studies, metatarsal pads help with it all (1). They decrease the pressure on the foot by increasing the area between the metatarsals and evening the weight distribution, ultimately reducing pain and discomfort (2).

Gel, foam, felt, or silicone—metatarsal pads are made of different materials and come in different sizes. Through our trial and error, we discovered the best ones available in the market based on their materials (and their quality), fit, size, ease of use, effectiveness for different conditions, longevity, and design. So, get ready to enter the world of comfort with our top picks of the lot!

Bring a zen-like metatarsal relief to your feet with the ZenToes Metatarsal Gel Pads. They are designed to provide cushioning to relieve pain from running, walking, and standing for an extended time. Made with durable fabric, these gel pads come in a pack of 2 for both your left foot and right foot. They are not simply positioned inside the shoes but they are to be worn over the affected foot. As per our expertise, it helps keep the pad stay in its position and provides better protection to the bottom of your feet.

Say goodbye to the agonizing pain that comes after a day of wearing heels with the Walkize Ball of Foot Cushions Metatarsal Foot Pads. With their incredible adhesiveness, they stick to your shoe and stay put. Not only that, but they easily fit the slope of heels, a feature unique to these pads, making them the best metatarsal pads for high heels. Our analysis of this product revealed that while it eliminates pain and brings comfort, it might make your shoes tighter.

Give your feet the love they deserve and eliminate the pain with Dr. Frederick's Original Forefoot Cushion Set. These are doctor-designed silicone gel-based pads. From the foot pressures caused by walking and standing to more serious conditions like Morton’s Neuroma and metatarsalgia, these foot pads will take care of everything, making them the best metatarsal pads for ball of foot pain. We determined through our tests that they have an open design adding to their breathability and can also easily fit in different kinds of shoes.

Trust the Moon Health Felt Metatarsal Pads to take care of the health of your feet. Crafted with 100% wool felt, these are the best pads for metatarsal pain, with unparalleled sticking power. They provide extra cushioning and help relieve pain and foot discomfort effectively. They also help with issues caused by calluses, corns, fractures, wounds, or any other foot deformities. Based on our observations, it is better and more convenient to stick these pads to your shoes or socks instead of your skin.

Feel relief with every step you take with these metatarsal gel pads from BRISON. Crafted with the soft and durable SEBS gel, these foot pads alleviate pain by reducing the plantar pressures when walking or even standing. With their ergonomic design that does not interfere with how the shoe fits, these are the best metatarsal pads for walking. After trying out this product, we discovered that they work best with closed shoes.

Change the way you deal with your foot woes with these metatarsal pads for runners from Dropsky. They are nothing like the usual foot pads because they are so much more than a foot pad. These are compression metatarsal sleeves that snugly fit almost all foot sizes. Say goodbye to slipping! They bring great relief to the ball of foot pain, heel pain, metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, and even blisters. Our research indicates that these compression metatarsal pads provide great comfort and will work more efficiently when used with Vaseline or any other thick skin-nourishing lotion.

Highly recommended by podiatrists, the TemiArt Metatarsal Pads are game changers when it comes to pain relief. They provide support to the forefoot throughout the day, no matter which shoe you are wearing. They help reduce pain by improving the distribution of pressure and also prevent foot problems like calluses or bunions. They are the best metatarsal pads for Morton's neuroma. We have found from using this product that the stickiness of these pads can be returned to them by washing them up.

Transform the way you deal withuncomplicated forefoot pain and other issues with these metatarsal foot pads for pain relief from FOMIBOBRI. They have a unique honeycomb design that adds to their breathability. They are silicone-based with soft gel cushioning. Don't go on their thin appearance. While the cushioning might not look like much, it makes a lot of difference to foot conditions including calluses, bunions, metatarsal pain, etc. Our findings show that using talcum powder with these foot pads can help get rid of the sticky feeling.

Get your hands on this bundle of comfort for your feet, featuring the best metatarsal pads for sandals! The ZUCNANA Forefoot Cushions Pads come in a pack of 6 pairs and have 3 different colors to offer. Place these foot pads inside your shoe with the help of their adhesive backs and bid adieu to the ball of foot pain that may be caused by Morton's neuroma, metatarsalgia, callus, and bunions. Our investigation demonstrated that their lost stickiness can be recovered by washing them off with warm water and drying them.

Be it sneakers or sandals, with these ball of foot pain metatarsal pads from HAPAD, get ready to unlock a pain-free walking, running, or cycling experience. Made of high-qaulity materials including 100% virgin wool felt, these soft and comfy foot pads deliver on their promises, allowing you to participate in all the high-impact activities you love. You just have to get the metatarsal pad placement right and you are set for all the activities you love, unburdened by the pain. Through our practical knowledge, we can confirm their effectiveness for various conditions, including plantar fasciitis, torn tendons, flat feet, metatarsalgia, or neuroma.

Get sufficient support and quantity to meet your daily needs with the Syhood Metatarsal Felt Feet Pads. You can go about your day without worrying as these are the best metatarsal pads that stay put, come what may, something very close to permanent placement. Since they are made with wool felt, they are comfortable and sweat-absorbent. They keep your feet feeling fresh and pain-free. Protector of your forefoot, these metatarsal foot pads, as indicated by our tests, can fit a variety of shoe types and sizes.

The TemiArt Felt Metatarsal Pads are made from premium quality wool felt and provide adequate support to your feet throughout the day. They fit snugly and comfortably under the ball of your feet to help relieve pain and discomfort that may be caused due to calluses, bunions, Morton's neuroma, or any other problems of the foot. Our team discovered through using this product that it is a suitable pain relief option for those who have to go through long hours of standing.

Wider, thicker, and better—Dr. Jill’s Felt Metatarsal Pads provide optimal care for your feet by effectively alleviating pressure and pain from the entirety of the ball of your foot. If you find the size or thickness a bit more than what you sought, you may remove a layer of these foot pads or trim their sides to adjust to make a custom insert. When we trialed this product, we discovered that placing them underneath the insoles of shoes is a more comfortable method to use which also prevents these metatarsal foot pads from wearing easily.

The AUTPRO Metatarsal Pads are one of the best metatarsal pads for runners. They are made with high-quality lycra that stretches to fit your feet snugly but doesn't stretch so much as to go out of shape. They have a stretchy gel materials-based pad on the inside that sits directly under the ball of the foot, reducing pressure and soreness. The big mouth of these metatarsal foot pads prevents friction between the toes, making them comfortable to wear all day long. After putting it to the test, we noticed that the silicone pad may move from its position, an issue that can be easily overcome by wearing tight socks.

Elevate how you take care of your feet with these podiatrist recommended metatarsal pads from Atlas Biomechanics. They are made from medical-grade foam and are quite thick to provide ample cushioning and support to the metatarsal region of your feet, particularly the middle metatarsal heads. They can be placed directly on your feet or underneath the insoles of your shoes to get the best out of them. Based on our firsthand experience, these metatarsal pads make a huge difference in relieving the stress and pressure on the ball of your foot.

Suffering from foot pain and discomfort can put a pause on your life. But, with our comprehensive guide, you don't have to put a pause on choosing a metatarsal foot pad that's ideal for you. Here are some important things that you must keep in mind to make an informed decision about your purchase:

Foot Issue

You must identify your specific foot issue before selecting a metatarsal foot pad. Different foot pads address different problems, so knowing your condition will guide you to the perfect choice.

Material Used

Metatarsal foot pads are made using different materials, such as gel, foam, silicone, felt, fabric, and sometimes from a combination of these. Your ideal choice must depend on your specific needs, foot condition, shoe type, activity level, and durability. For instance, gel foot pads are incredible at shock absorption while foam foot pads offer the best cushioning. Silicones combine cushioning and durability while also having anti-slip properties.

Shape, Size, and Fit

Metatarsal pads come in a variety of shapes but you must choose one with a contoured shape that fits the natural curve of the metatarsal arch. A U-shaped pad has proven benefits for eliminating forefoot pain. Consider whether you want the foot pad to cover half the area or the entire ball of the foot. You may also measure the size of your feet to accurately determine the ideal size of the foot pads. Choose a size and cushioning that doesn't make your shoes tight.

Support and Cushioning

The level of cushioning will depend on your specific foot condition and intensity of pain. For instance, for minor pain, you may opt for a thinner foot pad with light cushioning whereas if you have severe pain, you may require thicker cushioning. Additionally, consider if you also require arch support apart from metatarsal support. Learn about proper and improper placement to get the best results.


Look for foot pads that can be used in different kinds of shoes with ease and extra comfort. If you don’t like foot pads that stick to your feet, you may also opt for a metatarsal bar, if it brings you comfort.

Design Features

Apart from pain relief, choose a metatarsal pad based on its design features such as anti-slip, breathability, ease of use and removal, flexibility, durability, raised dome structure, and ease of cleaning among others. Something that retains its original shape for a long time would be an added bonus.

Professional Advice

If you suffer from severe pain and foot conditions, consult your podiatrist to get personalized recommendations.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Always check customer reviews and feedback before making your final purchase. Don't just trust the brand's claims but gain valuable insights from real-life users on the effectiveness and performance of the foot pads.

When you lead an active lifestyle, as a runner, athlete, dancer, or someone who simply has to be on their feet all the time, the restricting foot pain and discomfort are nothing new to you. This is why you must invest in your foot health and seek support from the best metatarsal foot pads that provide ample comfort, support, and pressure distribution, making life easier. We explored a wide range of products to bring you our top picks, which cater to various foot conditions and lifestyles. Put your best and most comfortable foot forward with our handpicked recommendations and say goodbye to foot pain. Your feet deserve to be happy and these metatarsal pads will ensure that.

Shebna V, the author, leads an active lifestyle where she walks, runs, dances, and jumps a lot. She also loves to rock high heels on occasion. And yes, all of this brings her foot pain. So, she decided to do something about it and scoured the lengths and breadths of the internet. She discovered that using metatarsal foot pads is an easy and effective way to combat the pain and discomfort she has felt till now. She wanted her readers to experience the same comfort and curated a list of her top recommendations.

Our product experts study the specifications of every product we suggest and try them out to bring what’s proven to be worthy of your money, time, and energy. We also have subject matter experts from various fields like Fashion, Skincare, Haircare, Home Decor, and Health & Fitness onboard to make sure our suggestions are credible and trustworthy. You can trust Select to be your faithful shopping guide for all the right reasons!

Shebna is a content creator with an experience of over 6 years and likes to delve into all things health and fit More

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